June 12, 2013

In My Opinion: Response to BCS budget criticisms

We have often wondered why people who think they have all of the answers do not realize they don’t.

They are just making statements in order to elect the board members they want or we view it as taking the ability of the people to make an informed decision on their budget or school or town based on these people’s statements.

A former board member was in school management for 37 years. This person knows how budgets and fund balance work.

2013-14 adopted BCS budget: $37,642,566.

2013-14 non-tax revenues: $17,684,409.

2013-14 appropriate fund balance: $1,065,000.

2013-14 estimated real-property taxes: $18,893,157.

In a Letter to the Editor dated May 19, Debbie Blake stated “included on the board that burned through $10 million were two incumbent candidates running this year, Ed Marin and ‘Red’ LaVigne.”

What a vicious statement about two dedicated individuals. These two board members had an individual board member vote on bringing the budget forward for a vote by the residents and they had their individual vote when they voted as a citizen.

As you can see, the total budget of $37,642,566 was approved by the BCS residents, and these two board members had nothing to do with having to spend the budget.

You need to meet the expenses of the school. If you can think of a fund balance as a holding account, you have it. If the fund balance has been spent on the past total budgets, it is gone, just like when we have to spend our money on our bills at home.

Once the fund balance is spent, the district has to raise taxes the next year to cover the total budget with revenue. What sense would it make to give it back in taxes this year, if we could, only to need to raise the taxes more next year? Please explain that one to us.

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