June 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 8, 2013

Obama scandals

TO THE EDITOR: It all started in 2008 when “Joe the Plumber” had a conservation with candidate Obama.

The Democrats proceeded to investigate and do everything they could to ruin his reputation.

How can you be surprised that they do the same thing to everyone who disagrees with the president? It is not just the IRS but several other agencies that go after the “enemies” of Obama.

Congressman Owens expresses doubt that it was and is happening by using the word “if” to describe the scandal. No wonder he won’t admit that it is happening. Our investigator-in-chief, Sen. Schumer wrote letters to the IRS urging them to do just what they did.

The IRS, Benghazi and investigation of the press are just the latest of the scandals plaguing this administration. The statement “Elections have consequences” is an indication of their arrogance.

This is just like Nixon being in the White House except for one important difference. Although I am not a member of either party, when a Democrat gets in trouble, the Democrats circle the wagons. When a Republican gets in trouble, the Republicans circle the firing squad.




Biking trail

TO THE EDITOR: I agree with your editorial in support of bicycling for exercise, with the added benefit of saving gasoline.

In the Adirondacks, many support converting the mostly abandoned, 90-mile rail corridor from Lake Placid to Old Forge into a world-class recreational trail.

Numerous studies have shown that this trail could bring thousands of tourists to the region to bike safely and happily among mountains, forests, waterways and villages.

In addition to the tourism and economic benefits, this trail will enhance the quality of life for those who live here. When my wife and I want to travel from Lake Clear to visit the Wild Center in Tupper Lake or make a quick shopping trip to Saranac Lake, we’ll have the option of leaving our car at home and riding bikes along a quiet, scenic route with no worries about motor-vehicle traffic.

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