September 12, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 12, 2012


If people continue to violate the dog leash law in the City of Plattsburgh, they should be fined heavily. I am tired of coming in contact with people who refuse to abide by the laws and act ignorant, uncaring to other people who do leash their dogs. Be an adult.


Older siblings in the family should set an example for the younger ones. If you act like drama and trouble and hate your parents, the others see that and may act like you. Your own kids suffer, too.


Great editorial on the demanding work of policing the North Country. However, is it absolutely necessary to have two sheriffs monitoring the repaving of the Rouses Point/Alburgh bridge all day?


To all of the people who write in about “bloated teacher salaries.” What do you do for a living that you feel teachers are overpaid? I work in education, and I barely make it from paycheck to paycheck after I pay rent and student loans.


As a resident of Belmont Avenue in the City of Plattsburgh, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the City Recreation Department, its conscientious employees and the mayor for sprucing up our little park on the corner of Flaglar and Belmont. It’s a wonderful and greatly appreciated green and recreation space.


Another school year beginning and with our economy in turmoil, a teacher’s job is more critical than ever. Somehow they need to be committed to drag every single reluctant student, kicking and screaming, toward a high-school diploma which, in turn, can change the course of those students’ lives.


I learned, in talking with a friend whose child played town ball for Saranac, that there are coaches out there that get it. Their grasshopper coach lets all the kids try all the positions. I wish our town coach had his philosophy. It’s about learning not winning.

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