December 7, 2009

EDITORIAL: Angie’s legacy: gifts for shut-ins

Dr. Angelo “Angie” LaMariana stood 5’2”, tops. Most of that surely must have been taken up by his heart, which seemed bigger than that all by itself. For years, he pressed this newspaper and the nursing homes in the area to publicize the homes’ preferences for donated Christmas presents for their residents so people sharing his own inclinations could know what these potentially lonely people might want and need.

Dr. LaMariana died Sunday, Nov. 1, two weeks shy of his 95th birthday. Relatives and friends were eager to carry on his legacy of generosity toward shut-ins, so, for them — and for Angie — here is a list of prospective gifts provided by four nursing homes in the Plattsburgh area:

Meadowbrook Healthcare: Women’s hats; men’s and women’s mittens or gloves; picture frames, all sizes; small photo albums; wall hangings for rooms; large-print word-search and crossword books; men’s colognes and handkerchiefs; hand-held or free-standing tabletop mirrors; wheelchair tote bags, which can be ordered online; and musicals (the classics) on DVD and VHS tapes.

Meadowbrook asks that no food items be purchased, as diets may be restricted. Lap blankets and quilts are not needed. Fifteen residents have no local families.

Clinton County Nursing Home: CDs, mainly classical, older country and ‘40s and ‘50s music; Walmart gift cards; large-print calenders; DVDs of classic movies, comedies and musicals; suncatchers and window bird feeders; tote bags that can be tied to wheelchairs; lotions; sprays; batteries of all kinds; and slipper socks.

Evergreen Valley: Body wash, perfume and cologne; word-search puzzle books; slipper socks, hats, mittens and scarves.

CVPH Nursing Home: The home would like to put a CD player in every resident’s room. There are currently 72 long-term patients. Here are the gifts listed: electric razors; after shave; slipper socks; fleece lap blankets; word-search puzzle books; CDs, particularly, classic country, such as Johnny Cash or George Jones; body wash; perfume and cologne; lotions; body mist; hair brushes and combs; sweat pants and sweat shirts; flannel plaid pajama bottoms with drawstring waist; shampoos and conditioners; neck-support pillows; calendars, particularly with themes of birds, golf, cooking and hunting; short-story books in the Reminisce series; and DVDs, particularly movies and comedies (“I Love Lucy” and John Wayne are favorites).

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