November 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 19, 2013


It is truly an honor to serve as your town justice, and I appreciate the chance you have given to serve for another four years.

I will continue to work as hard as I can to earn the trust you have shown in me. Thank you.




Adeline history

TO THE EDITOR: Being a past Sweet Adeline for 10 years, I could hardly believe 45 years has gone by.

I have just finished a history of the first 10 years and turned it over to the Special Collections Department at SUNY Plattsburgh. All of us who got so much enjoyment out of being a part of this owe Lou and Phyl Bernard, and also Joan Fleury, Gloria Potter, Jean Provost, Theresa Scully, and, of course, George Shnob, a very grateful thank you.

I believe Joan approached Phyl and Lou after a men’s Barbershop Show and asked about starting a Sweet Adeline Chapter here. All seven of them had a meeting at the Bernards’, and from their effort, Champlain Valley Sweet Adelines was born.

Since I retired in 1978, I could only take the history that far. Perhaps someone starting with the show in 1978 could take it from there and bring it up to date.

If you do, please turn it over to the Special Collections Department at SUNY Plattsbgurgh so anyone in the future can read it and it will forever be part of Plattsburgh’s history.



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