November 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 19, 2013



Church service

TO THE EDITOR: On a recent Sunday, a mixed group of young adults organized by the Rev. Duane and Rebecca Lum of the Nazarene Church and accompanied by Ann Marie and Mike Farrell, came to our house.

By the time they left, the yards were cleaned up, summer furniture stored in the cellar, storm doors exchanged for screen doors and windows winterized.

Led by the selfless and giving demeanor of Ann Marie and Mike, all these tasks were performed with good humor and a steady buzz of conversation. Not once did you hear an off-color remark or a word of profanity. A far cry from the “normal” vocalizations of most of the young people traveling our inner-city streets.

This group is truly blessed, and we wanted them to know just how outstanding they really are.




Kind girls

TO THE EDITOR: I live in a residential area just outside of Plattsburgh.

The people are nice. They mind their own business and are always ready to help each other whenever the need arises. But, as in all peaceful neighborhoods, we have our own “neighborhood idiot.”

Ours went speeding by my house in his noisy pickup truck one evening, and my lovely cat got in his way. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop in time.

As my injured cat tried to crawl away, two young girls who were nearby picked him up and rushed him to Dr. Palmer’s, where he later died.

I was not home at the time, so the girls, Alex and Kayla, left a note in my door, telling me what happened and leaving me a phone number. When I got home, I had just started to call when they appeared at my door.

As they told me of the preceding events, I could tell they were sincerely concerned about my grave situation. They went out of their way to come to my house and talk to me about it.

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