December 11, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 11, 2012


---- — Waverly Pantry

TO THE EDITOR: Once again, the holidays are approaching, and so many people are in need. The Waverly Food Pantry serves more than 70 households.

In order to give each household a turkey for December, we need to raise $2,000.

Thanks to support from our area townships and generous private donations, we have been able to accomplish this for the past few years. If you are in search of a place to make a difference, your area food bank is such a place.

If you would like to make a donation to the Waverly Food Pantry, please send your donation in care of Francis Austin, 12 Duane St., St. Regis Falls, NY 12980.

If you would like to support your local pantry, call your town office, and I am sure they can give you that information.

Thank you for caring.


Food Pantry treasurer


Jets at airport

TO THE EDITOR: I am so happy that our county legislators are offering up our county airport to the Air National Guard.

It is not every legislature that would trade quality of life for a few shekels. Perhaps the roar of the FB-111s has faded from their collective minds, or their deafness is not just limited to their constituents.

There is a reason why Burlington is putting up a fuss; they are already used to the guard presence, but these jets are far noisier. Are we any less worthy to a quiet and clean environment?

Commercial aircraft must adhere to noise regulations; military aircraft do not.

I do not know of any legislators who live under the flight line to the county airport, so it will not impact their peace, quiet or property values.

This is a big country, with lots of land far away from population centers. Let the guard set up shop in a place where their impact will be less invasive to the people.




Sustainable park

TO THE EDITOR: I hope Supervisor Scozzafava was quoted somewhat out of context about the Adirondack Futures Project. To reduce this hope-filled, park-wide report to “farming our own food, chopping our wood” would be an injustice to the people who spent hundreds of hours studying, visioning and working at finding ways to maintain the Adirondack Park with a sustainable economy.

There is quite a difference between chopping wood and building a wood-products industry. These goods would be grown, harvested, manufactured into heating products and sold here.

The Adirondack Futures Project can be used by businesses, governments and non-profits as they plan. We cannot escape the trends, but we can respond to them and secure the future of our homeland.

Contrary tp what I hear from pockets in the park, no one I know, nor any organization I belong to, including environmental groups, wants humans out of the park. We want a home in this stunning corner of creation, successful businesses and a vibrant economy. We want healthy schools, non-profits and adequate services. We want visitors to come and vacation here. We want a future here.

It is time to stop the Olympic sport of trashing someone’s idea while not taking an active role in the solution. We need a collective effort of fifth-generation families, incoming retirees, people who work here, summer-home owners and everyone who loves this park. It is time to sit down at a common table with a goal of achieving a sustainable park.

Visit the website to learn about this effort. I want my community to survive and thrive, and your community, too, with its unique identity. That is the blessing of this region. Let’s get beyond complaining about others and become part of the solution.


Keene Valley

Congregational Church