November 24, 2012

Speakout: Nov. 24, 2012


Bullying in schools should not be tolerated. There should be stronger consequences for bullies, such as getting suspended for a longer period of time or giving them counseling. In-school suspension does not seem to change a bully’s actions. Bullying should have no place in schools.


Prior to the local hospital’s “restructuring,” we had an off-site facility that won numerous patient-satisfaction awards. Patient safety was always a priority. Now, poor decisions have removed top experienced management and placed people without specialized knowledge in charge.


Wouldn’t it be interesting to know why they will not allow non-union linemen to go to New York city area to help to restore power.


Whose bright idea was it to change Cumberland Head’s voting venue from the church to the fire station? Not near enough parking spaces. Had to circle the block and still ended up parking on the grass on side street. Much longer walk for the elderly and infirm.


If you think you have waited too long at a doctor’s office, take a trip to Burlington to see the doctors there instead of taking it out on the staff, who are trying their best to keep the doctor on time. It’s not because we don’t know how to schedule.


People don’t realize how silly they look when every week they have a new hair color. I’m not saying that dying your hair is bad; I’m just saying that dying your hair every week is not healthy for your hair.


I think Facebook is only used to vent, and it creates way too much drama. I used it for a while, but people are way too open as to what they post.


I would like to voice my concerns with the roads in Plattsburgh, specifically South Catherine Street from Elizabeth Street to Crete. The road is a disaster and needs to be fixed, not patched for the 10th straight year.

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