November 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 21, 2012

Break the pledge

TO THE EDITOR: I have a suggestion. A few years, ago, some members of Congress signed a “pledge” with Grover Norquist that they would never raise taxes, and apparently now feel they can’t get out of it.

I say it’s time to break that pledge.

Compare it to marriage and divorce. Yes, these Congress people were either enamored or scared of Mr. Norquist, but that was then — think of thoughtless, impressionable, in-love people who get married and then two or three years (or months) later realize their mistake. We don’t condemn them to live with each other for the rest of their lives, in spite of the vows they took. We allow divorce, even though, yes, it’s breaking their “pledge.”

It’s perfectly all right for a politician to say, “I’ve given long hard thought to my earlier (rash?) commitment to an idea I felt pressured to accept, but I’ve grown. I now want to stand up for a more nuanced, thoughtful approach to the problems of taxes, revenue and expenses. Consequently, sorry, Grover, I can’t continue to honor that rather ridiculous pledge I signed. I’m divorcing you. I’m going to take a more mature, rational approach to the problems of this country.”

It — thinking — is possible to do.




Help getting GED

TO THE EDITOR: There is good news on the educational front in the North Country: CV-TEC Adult Literacy Department has been awarded a substantial grant.

These funds are used to assist adults in attaining a High School Equivalency Diploma by preparing them to pass the GED tests, provide instruction in basic skills education and short-term job-skills training.

We’ve all been told that we can’t expect the jobs of the past to return; we must be prepared for new opportunities. Why not get involved in retraining?

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