November 17, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 17, 2012


---- — Soccer success

TO THE EDITOR: The Town of Plattsburgh soccer program finished a few weeks ago, and once again it was a success.

This year, we had 16 teams that participated in the Clinton County League and three mini-mites teams that met once a week to practice. Participants were taught the fundamentals of soccer during practices and were able to test their skills in friendly games against teams all around the county.

As program coordinator for the town, I know there are many people out there who made great contributions toward the success of this program. First of all, I want to thank all the coaches for their time and expertise. They help make the program fun and enjoyable. Thank you to Christine Myers, TJ Myers, Craig McCasland, Jackie LaBarge, Jason LaBarge, Joe Casey, Jon Ubl, Dan Madden, Stephenie Mitchell, Christina Ubl, Heather Harkness, Jim Patterson, Carol Hack, Amy Hewson, Michele Barnes, Hilarie Dickson, Chasity Walters, Jessica O’Keefe, Mike Kimball and David and Regina McIlwain, who provided a fun, safe and positive environment for children to learn about soccer.

Secondly, thanks to those that helped out as assistant coaches, timers and substitute referees. Our soccer games would not run as efficiently without these volunteers. Your time and dedication is appreciated.

Lastly, I would like to recognize all the officials who referred our games this fall season. Many of them juggled school and their own soccer schedule on top of officiating duties. They all did an excellent job as sports officials and should be recognized for their dedication and responsibility. Thank you to Kaden Baugh, Ashlee Carper, Kaylia Carper, Christopher Fall, Keegan Frenya, Jaelyn Johnston, Nikolas Koktowski, Austin Myers, Gabrielle Parrotte, Courtney Wilson, Ryan Wood and Nathan Zucker. I hope to see you all back next year.


Recreation program coordinator


Registering to vote

TO THE EDITOR: I am a grandmother to six youngsters, the oldest of which graduated High School in May.

Since she turned 18, I had been urging her to register to vote. She had to pick up the form from the elections officer in her town, which her mother did for her. She has a driver’s license for I.D. And still the form sat on her desk. She wished she could register online (which you can now do in New York if you have a license).

We speak daily, and I often asked her if she registered to vote and what she thought about different current issues that applied to her daily life, her friends etc. I explained how important it was that she register and have a real vote (not just the blah, blah of conversation) to make her opinions count.

To my great joy, during summer vacation, while they were visiting the North Country, I asked her if she had registered to vote and she said, “Yes.” My daughter and I looked at her, and she was smiling widely. My daughter pumped her for the facts, and sure enough she had.

So, fellow grandparents out there in the reading public, use your powers as an American grandparent worthy of the name and get your grandchildren registered to vote.

When we depart, they will be well equipped to preserve the right to vote we hold so dear. And they will love you for it.