November 29, 2013

Speakout: Nov. 29, 2013


“Leash law” does not mean allowing your dog on a retractable leash of 25 feet or more to go to the bathroom on my shrubbery near my front walk. I have your picture, and if there is a next time, I will give it to the police.


Dear Boss, it’s been a very long time since our last raise. Do we really have to ask you for it? Sincerely, the employees who help your business thrive.


So, I went to the Office for the Aging to talk to them about open enrollment. I need a cane since Vietnam, and when I got to the county building, I found the ramp was being rebuilt. Why now?


Nov. 13, and the “Kelly and Michael” daytime TV show has a bit with a male stripper on a pole wearing only leather underwear. If that stripper were female, there would be an outcry and talk of sexist pigs running the media.


It amazes me when small children board the South City bus in the mornings and there are no seats, and these children are left to stand. Adults and college kids don’t even bother to give up their seats. The lack of common courtesy taught to our children is disgusting.


Eight local small businesses caught selling underage person alcohol. No question, the companies were wrong and should use better methods to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The ABC Board sends companies $3,000 fines. Yes, get their attention, but are we trying to drive small business owners out of business?

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