November 28, 2013

Editorial: Gratitude for what counts

Today is about what really matters in life.

It is not about shopping bargains. It is not about which family member makes the most money. It is not about whose kid is doing better in school or sports.

Thanksgiving should be about examining what truly makes life happy and rewarding.

For most people, that is something quite simple: family and health.

And sometimes it isn’t until you have a disruption or loss in your life in either of those areas that you appreciate how vital they are to your security and serenity.

What constitutes family has a very broad description, in our view. It is not about blood ties or marriage licenses. “Family” can be the friends you care for deeply, the co-workers you spend many hours with, a neighbor who is like a grandparent, even your longtime pets.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the special people in your lives and for what you have — not what you wish you had.

Earlier this week, we asked our Facebook readers what they are grateful for, and their responses were, just as we expected, focused on things that can’t be purchased. We’ll share a few:

Aimee Douglas: “All 5 of my children, they are my greatest blessings. I thank God every day for them.”

Annie Taylor: “Family, friends, love of my life, good health and, of course.. the Adirondacks! Best place in the world to live!”

Hannah Bushey: “Grateful that my son got the surgeries he needed and we were able to come home last night after a month-long hospital stay. We have no holiday plans, just enjoying being home.”

Michelle Benedict: “I’m very grateful for having my 82-yr-old mother still with me!!I love you momma!!”

Sarah Ryan: “Very thankful for family, friends and of course my kids (dogs)....Diesel and Dixie!!!”

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