November 18, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: Nov. 18, 2013

JEERS to a few parents at a recent regional soccer game for targeting a player based on his appearance. We are embarrassed to say that these people are local residents, and we will not name the school only because most of the parents who showed up to support their team comported themselves with more class. But a few parents, who certainly didn’t display the behavior of role models, decided to harass an opposing player for his Mohawk-style hair. They were yelling out comments such as “nice hair” and “clown boy” when this athlete would touch the ball or when he was around the play. Another local spectator, who was appalled at their behavior, described the situation to the Press-Republican, relating: “These adults were saying these comments loud enough for everyone to hear. They were specifically targeting this student athlete, laughing and joking at his expense. There is no place in high school sports for heckling of students to take place. ... Calling him names is no example to set for all of the students around you. You should be ashamed of your inappropriate behavior.” We absolutely agree. While the name calling couldn’t be described as racist or actual hate language, it is immature, unsportsmanlike and petty. No student on a sports field should have to be subjected to harassment from fans of the opposing team. We are embarrassed that these visiting athletes and their supporters left with a mistaken impression of North Country hospitality, thanks to a few of the locals who actually deserve that infamous insult “rock eaters.”

CHEERS to McDonalds for the company’s recently concluded Happy Meal Books promotion. From Nov. 1 to 14, the fast-food chain replaced the usual movie tie-in figurines in kids meals with paperback books. The four original titles, “The Goat Who Ate Everything,” “Deana’s Big Dreams,” “Ant, Can’t” and “Doddi the Dodo Goes to Orlando,” are charming, fun reads. We’re guessing these books will have a much longer shelf life than the usual plastic Happy Meal toys. And we wish the promotion, timed to coincide with National Family Literacy Day, was a year-round option.

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