September 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 2, 2013


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TO THE EDITOR: I am writing in support of Gerard Renadette for County Legislator in Area 4.

I have known Gerard since birth because he is my son. I know that this may slant my opinion some, but when the facts are considered, I think you will agree.

Gerard has served the Town of Plattsburgh since 1995. He has served this community faithfully, working with his counterparts regardless of party affiliation. He has also spoken out whenever he has been faced with something he felt just wasn’t in the best interests of our community. This type of dedication to the public is what we all deserve in our “public servants.”

Gerard has worked on several town budgets, keeping spending at an affordable level with consideration to the needs of town departments. These needs were always weighed against the services provided and the quality of life the residents have come to expect.

For these reasons, and many more, I am pledging my support for Gerard, and I ask you to do the same. The county deserves someone with the experience to work in our bests interests. The county deserves Gerard Renadette for Area 4.





TO THE EDITOR: Here in the City of Plattsburgh, we have a chance to make a significant, positive change in the leadership of our cherished city.

I am writing to support the candidacy of Rachelle Armstrong for Ward 1 councilor.

Rachelle Armstrong has been my close friend for more than 20 years. We have watched our children grow up together and confided in one another, as friends do. Rachelle is one of the best listeners I know. This quality is something that will make her a great public servant.

She wants to know what people think, and she listens to their concerns. Her ability to listen to and collaborate with others, skills she honed as a middle-school teacher, will improve a political climate that might be characterized as divisive and unresponsive.

If we want to get things done, we need leaders in office who can work with one another, and Rachelle Armstrong is this kind of person.

I must admit I was a bit surprised when she decided to seek office. After all, she seemed pretty happy being a grandmother. However, it isn’t surprising that she wants to make the world a better place, starting in Plattsburgh.

Two of her children and two of her grandchildren live here. She wants them to live in a nurturing, friendly, safe and prosperous environment. She wants them to have the opportunity to succeed, while enjoying the beauty and recreational advantages provided by this place.

She wants to preserve our assets, while developing them in a sustainable way.

Rachelle is motivated to make this a better place for all of us. She wants to reinvigorate our democracy on the local level by representing the voices of all her constituents.

I urge you to vote for her.





TO THE EDITOR: On Sept. 10, 696 members of the Independence Party in Plattsburgh will have the opportunity to vote in a Primary Election for mayor.

My name will be on that ballot, as the candidate that has both circulated petitions and been endorsed by the Independence Party.

I am the most experienced leader in the race, have demonstrated my ability to manage the $52 million budget in difficult times, and I best represent the ideals of the Independence Party.

The Independence Party Platform includes: “We not only welcome electoral competition, we cherish it.”

I have been registered as an independent for 30 years, I am not a member of a major party just looking for another line on the ballot.

The platform continues: “We not only espouse the virtue of fiscal conservatism and responsibility, we will actually practice it with spending and taxes.”

In the six budgets before I joined the City Council, the tax rate went up a total of 93 percent; that’s over 15 percent a year; in the six budgets I have been a part of, the taxes have gone up 5.4 percent, that’s under 1 percent a year.

I am pleased to note that I have been elected mayor protem for six years by Common Councils made up of four Democrats, two Republicans and me, the sole independent. I will continue to keep politics out of governing.

I hope that all members of the Independence Party go to the polls on Primary Day, and I appreciate being considered as your choice to represent your party in the General Election.





TO THE EDITOR: On Aug. 4, the Vilas Home, located at 61 Beekman St., Plattsburgh, celebrated its 125th anniversary.

The day began with an auction comprising new and used items and gift certificates donated by area businesses, family, Vilas Home board members and members of the community. The funds raised will be used to purchase a generator for the building.

The day also featured a dog-agility demonstration organized by Rodney and Linda Lapier and friends. This was no small undertaking, as the obstacles and fenced area required lots of elbow grease. Thank you to the many two- and four-legged friends that made the dog demonstration so enjoyable.

We would also like to thank Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, Mayor Donald Kasprzak and Clinton County Historian Anastasia Pratt for speaking at our event.

We would also like to thank the family members of our residents who came out in support of the celebration and to Vilas Home Board President Monica Day, who spent the entire day working the auction, helped out with our annual barbecue and just about everything else.

A special thanks to grill masters Jim Masten, Dana Barrett and Bob Meyer, who slaved away behind the hot grill. I would also like to thank our wonderful cook staff, resident-aide staff and activities director for coming in to support the event.

The Vilas Home has been an iconic feature of the Plattsburgh city landscape for just over 125 years and continues to occupy a remarkable space in the hearts of the citizenry, based on the support observed at our celebration.

On behalf of the Vilas Home residents, staff, Board of Directors and family members, please accept our humble thanks for the generous support afforded the Vilas Home and its staff and residents during our celebration.


Vilas Home administrator


of fields

TO THE EDITOR: Living across from the PHS athletic fields and seeing young adults now playing on some “new” fields, I am pressed once again to start some trouble for Superintendent Jake Short and the administration of PHS, who are endangering our children’s welfare with foolish and rash decisions.

To all parents of PHS students: The “athletic fields” to the west of the football stadium are not prepared to have any teams, gym classes or anyone playing on their surfaces. They are not athletic fields, in that they have large rocks sticking above the surface in many places. There are also many tree branches and sections of trees that were cut down years ago, and the debris was never cleaned up. The entire surface is pockmarked with holes and dips and ruts, many of which run the entire width of these fields and are clearly visible.

Clearly, Jake Short’s “visions of empire” do not include a concern for your children’s physical or academic welfare.

It is difficult to simply walk across these fields without twisting an ankle, let alone running full tilt trying to kick a soccer ball or intercept a pass.

If someone falls on top of one of those rocks, leading with their head? If a student hot in pursuit of a ball hits one of those four-inch deep holes with a foot under 1,000 pounds of pressure at running speed? It is not a flight of fancy to see serious sprains, broken bones.

Jake Short and the administration and maintenance staff are fully cognizant of these facts. Go take a look at those rocks I speak of and see where the school’s high-priced commercial mowing equipment keeps trying to trim the top inch or so of stone off with mower blades. It hasn’t worked yet.