August 26, 2013

Speakout: Aug. 26, 2013


---- — Odor

Seriously, people, if you are coming to an appointment, please shower and put on clean clothes. Your odor is offensive.


Carlos Danger aka Anthony Weiner is the new Kim Kardashian of NY politics. This, of course, makes him overqualified to be the next mayor of NY (sin) City. No one could more accurately represent the true values of the big rotten apple.


Note to the neighbors: We live inside the Adirondack Park “Forever Wild.” I obey the spirit of our park and protect our natural environment. I keep my yard forever wild.


Can we not find a better way to waste money than fighting “the war on pot?” It’s the biggest joke of our time. Your tax dollars are being utterly wasted. The real criminals are the people in charge of this mess.


Perhaps if people spent less on cigarettes and lottery tickets, they could buy the school supplies for their own kids, instead of depending on everyone else.


I agree with the view on gun control: We should have background checks and gun registration. We have to register our cars; why not guns; which are made for killing? The protesters never mentioned specifically what they were protesting about.


Use the express checkout lane if you have a few items. Do not get upset because I am checking out with my coupons. They have an express for that reason.


Any politician that supports rapid changes to laws, such as the SAFE Act, that impinge on the rights men have died to protect in America has forgotten (or doesn’t care about) the corruption in government that led to the establishment of our country as independent.


The truck parked at the Bailey Avenue Elementary crosswalk is a hazard to pedestrians. People driving cannot see the crosswalk until they are on top of it because the truck obstructs the view. This needs to be rectified before the new school year starts and before someone gets hurt.


Texting or talking on the phone while driving is illegal. But on any day you can see people driving down the road chatting away and others texting. This can kill or cause serious injury, so why isn’t more being done to stop it?


Please don’t smoke in a vehicle that has my child in it. She has asthma and is afraid to tell you she can’t bear being around smokers. You are aware she has asthma, so why would you smoke in her face?


At the Farmers Market, the 4-H group held a bake sale with proceeds going to Dr. Eaglefeather for the care of the abandoned puppies. Kerri Lamarche’s 4-H children collected over $350. Thank you for having such a great group of kids.


How stupid are we not to recognize that the left is ready to continue their capture of the citizens of our democracy by installing a ticket in 2016 of Hillary/Obama. Think this is not possible? Better think again and use your vote wisely in 2016.


When you’re on your fifth or sixth kid and have no employment, maybe you should think about family planning. Who is paying for your ever-increasing clan?


To the parents of my teen’s boyfriend: I’m tired of seeing my teen take care of your teen. My teen is not a parent and needs to focus on her life also. Money is being spent and wear and tear on a car.


As a local from the area, I was sad to see the Robert Garrow story again. Let sleeping dogs lie. Find something cheerful to write about.