May 14, 2013

Editorial: Border fee counterproductive


In some areas of the United States, that might not be so obvious, but here in the North Country, we have first-hand evidence of the value of allowing a free flow of people and goods at the border. We see it in the retail and hotel parking lots packed with cars with Canadian plates, in the Canadian-based industries that thrive in our area, in the many northern neighbors who visit our lakes and mountains.

Leahy recently introduced an amendment to the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act that would bar the creation of a border fee. We hope that puts the idea to rest for good.

Charging people to enter the United States would impede the U.S. economy and therefore be counterproductive to our national interests. When it comes to the border, Homeland Security should stick to its area of expertise — security — and leave economics to other agencies.

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