May 7, 2013

Editorial: Support those who support you


Are the letters boring? We suppose that reading a long list of names could be considered such. If you feel that way, skip on to the next letter.

But instead of looking at these thank-you letters as a rote rundown of names, we encourage you to think of it as a “shopping list” of people who care. If you support the cause, show your appreciation by patronizing the businesses, which aren’t just passive members of the local community.

We see many area businesses and national chains that contribute over and over to local causes. Some are big givers; others can afford only a small amount. But they are doing more than most.

The organizations holding the fundraisers know how vital the donors are to making their financial goals and achieving awareness. But writing individual thank-you letters would take up time needed for other duties.

They want the businesses and individuals to get the credit they deserve — and we will continue to offer a public way to do that.

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