May 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 6, 2013

Airport crosswinds

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is in reference to your article about Allegiant having to land elsewhere.

Isn’t this interesting. Now, Allegiant Air is landing elsewhere because of strong crosswinds at our local airport. Not too long ago, we had an unexpected visitor when one of Burlington’s scheduled airliners had the same problem over there, so they landed here.

That makes me wonder how come Allegiant decided to land in New Hampshire, over a hundred miles away.

I know the usual plan is to allow for a landing at an alternate airport somewhere along the route, should it be needed for such a situation, but that far off the route seems a little ridiculous. Something smells wrong here.

If the crosswinds were so strong here, Burlington’s major runway is almost 90 degrees to ours; therefore they could have made a safe landing there for a lot less customer inconvenience.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not really in favor of any of our flight service providers being across the lake, but the only other option I can see is to put a “crosswind” runway here, as we had at the former Clinton County Airport. And there was one planned as part of the very first Airport Master Plan for Plattsburgh International, before the county officially took it over.

That would entail a lot of work on the part of our county and airport officials, and to be honest, I’m not too sure they are up to the task. I hope I’m wrong, and they will address this issue.




Kasprzak praised

TO THE EDITOR: The April 25 Press-Republican article announcing Mayor Donald Kasprzak’s decision not to run again saddened me as much as the last national election, of which I am still grieving.

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