April 30, 2013

Speakout: April 30, 2013


Three teachers are let go and two positions will not be replaced. The same night this is approved, the School Board approved a raise for the superintendent. What is wrong with this picture?


Now that someone has used a razor blade/box cutter to attack people in Texas don’t be surprised if there will be a law for background checks in New York for anyone trying to buy box cutters or razor blades and only in packs of seven.


Where people park to car pool used to be rest stops. Route 3 spots are disgusting. Broken fences, trash being dumped all over falling and blowing into the Saranac River.


To the person claiming $500 is fair rent for an efficiency: Just a few years ago it was half that in the downtown area. Did property tax go up hundreds of percent?


NYSED sends out an email to parents and educators to inform them about “Common Core Assessments” (a euphemism for standardized tests) and provides no information to parents on their legal right to opt out.


I knew the New York State Instant Lottery had a new game called Family Feud, but I didn’t know Speakout was hosting it.


I went on the CCPT bus, and it was great. Clean, nice ride, helpful bus driver, seats had nice padding. I hope more people try the CCPT bus.


Grandkids are great, but I don’t think it’s right if they disrespect grandma or grandpa. If they call them fat, ugly, lazy, then they need to be corrected.


I felt sorry for you at the checkout when you had to scrounge for change because you didn’t have enough money on your benefits card or your debit card to pay for groceries. That changed when you pulled out $40 cash to buy lottery tickets.

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