April 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: April 30, 2013


---- — Tournament helpers

TO THE EDITOR: As we had our first-annual bowling tournament for Mountain Lake Services on April 6, I would like to take the time and thank all of you that helped us.

Thank you to: AK Auto, Betty Lou Bags, Jewelry by Tara, Feek Pharmacy, Adirondack Spirits, Mad River Pizza, Dee’s Design, Hometown Deli, Gordon Oil, Little Supermarket, TnT Tanning, Loreman’s Screen Printing, Sam’s Salon, Upstate Builders, Luke & Sally Fournier, Margie Finsterer, Nancy Ano, Lake Everest Pizza, Adirondack Chocolates, Donna’s Hair Design, Carol McDonald and Megan Ano.

I would also like to say a very special thank-you to two of my dearest friends, Shawn Minogue and Nancy Ano, for helping with the raffle items, 50/50 and buy a strike. I couldn’t have done this without the both of you.

Thank you to Erin Quakenbush, Elizabeth Rutkowski, Roxanne Burns, John McDonald and Steph Snow for your continuous work on your end of this tournament. You all were awesome.

I would like to do this on future occasions. So keep your eyes open for any notices for this in the future. Thanks again to everyone involved. You all mean so much to me and the folks that we serve.




Park maintenance

TO THE EDITOR: The Town of Plattsburgh Parks & Recreation Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and promoting a sense of community within the town.

We are happy to see our community come together at the Cadyville Recreation Park. This park is the heart of the town’s recreation program, with its walking and hiking trails, 18-hole disc-golf course and many other amenities.

Although we take care of the park on a daily basis, we would not be able to keep the disc-golf course and trails as beautiful as they are without the help of many community members.

In 2011, the Adirondack Disc Golf Association formed and based their home disc-golf course at the Cadyville disc-golf course. Since then, members of their club have helped keep the course groomed on a daily basis and even schedule cleanup days for the course year round.

We would like thank all the members of the ADKDGA for helping. A special thank you goes to Mike Delisle Sr., Mike Delisle Jr., Chris Arnold, Chad Cummings, Pete Cummings and Chris Barrett.

Thank you to the Saranac Central and Seton Catholic cross-country teams for keeping the cross-country trails groomed in the fall.

Thank you to Shawn Begg for keeping the mountain bike trails clear, safe and ride-able.

Thank you to all the daily walkers/runners who use the trails and help pick up fallen debris.

Thank you to Lyman Defayette who frequently rakes the trails to keep them clear. Also, thank you for keeping our disc-golf sign in box filled with scorecards and sharp pencils.

Thank you Barry Bisonette and Kato for collecting missing balls and Frisbees and returning them to their owners.


Recreation Program coordinator

Town of Plattsburgh Parks & Maintenance staff


Concern for nature

TO THE EDITOR: I was incensed to read, in a recent Press-Republican, of Newcomb Supervisor George Canon bemoaning the delay of radio-tower construction because we “have to worry about the mating habits of a bird.”

One can hear the sarcasm, the deep disdain this exponent of ignorance has for nature. Yes, Mr. Canon, a bird. It would do no good to mention to him that it’s Bicknell’s thrush we’re talking about because he wouldn’t care if it were a reincarnated passenger pigeon.

Let us hope that there are wiser minds at work in the effort to put up new radio towers — which weren’t needed in the first place, but that’s another story.


Saranac Lake


Environmental extremist

TO THE EDITOR: Our country is now controlled by the environmental extremist.

President Obama refuses to approve the pipeline from Canada when there is no doubt that it can be done safely. Approval for drilling on federal lands for oil has been cut in half.

When Obama became our president in January 2009, the average price of gasoline was $1.83 per gallon. It is now twice that amount. Still, he has the environmental extremist talking about further increases in gasoline prices.

People in rural areas must use their vehicles for travel and therefore pay the largest share of the federal gas tax. This tax was supposed to go into a trust fund for use on roads and bridges, yet 40 percent of it is diverted to the general fund.

Then when bridges and roads need replacement or repair, they want an increase in the gasoline tax.

Our investigator-in-chief, Sen. Schumer called for an investigation every time the price of gasoline increased before Obama was elected. His silence since has been deafening.

The state of New York is no better. Our legislators have taken billions from the dedicated trust fund to transfer to the general fund. The fund is also used to build bicycle and walking paths and parks.

We have the highest gasoline tax in the nation and are considered by the Tax Foundation as the having the worst business climate in the nation.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has refused to approve fracking, citing environmental concerns, when other states have proven it can be done safely. Whenever he seems to be weakening, the environmental extremist Robert Kennedy Jr. flies in on his private, gas-guzzling airplane and warns Cuomo that he will lose their votes, and Cuomo retreats.




Information available

TO THE EDITOR: Jeremy Hoy wrote a letter questioning the intentions of United For The Kids Inc.

UFTK promotes transparency, accountability and sustainability in our schools. 

Our website is maintained by our volunteer members. Suggesting that UFTK is affiliated with anti-union lobbyists is ridiculous. Furthermore, there are no links on our website to anti-union lobbyists.

I have been a union member since 1962 and six of the nine UFTK Board members are current or retired union members.

Mr. Hoy, you have been personally invited to attend several UFTK meetings, which are open to the public. You have not attended a single meeting. Why? You have also been invited to review our financial documents but have declined. Why? You have been personally invited for coffee to discuss your questions regarding UFTK but declined. Why?

I provide a complete financial report of member dues received and expenditures paid at each meeting. You would know there are no secrets if you attended one of our monthly meetings.

UFTK is funded by local residents and local business owners who want to promote increased knowledge and awareness of the issues facing our schools and education.

I come from a long line of union members. In our union, we determined that we must all give a little, sometimes a lot, to survive these difficult times. I am a Democrat and joined UFTK in an effort to find out how our tax dollars are being spent.

Mr. Hoy, what is your real agenda? All points in your letter are unfounded. Arm yourself with the truth. Be part of the solution.

Readers of this column can learn more about UFTK by visiting, joining our Facebook group or attending our meetings at 6 p.m. the first Thursday of each month at Beekmantown Town Hall.


United for the Kids treasurer

Honorary retired member,

International Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers, 

Local 40 Albany