April 28, 2013

Speakout: April 28, 2013


If we are going to ban some guns, then with the First Amendment, shouldn’t we ban some books and some words?


Seniors citizens have a very powerful lobby. They keep getting more and more “transfer payments” from younger generations. The mushrooming costs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will bankrupt our youth.


The person who wrote that two years isn’t enough to be a competent nurse obviously has not been through nursing school. It is very demanding and even with a four-year degree you only do two years of nursing; it’s just two extra years of non-nursing courses.


Maybe when choosing a new name for their school, Peru could come out of the dark ages and change the mascot as well.


How many can afford five vacations in three months like your president so far in 2013. We are in financial straights but he can go play golf with Tiger, wife can ski, kids get two spring breaks.


Two-year nursing students are more competent than four-year ones due to triple the clinical time we experience. Do you want a nurse with hands on clinical knowledge or just book smarts taking care of you?


First the Meals on Wheels for elderly, then school cuts for preschoolers and support, now the Blue Angels. How’s that change working out for you?


We going to now ban knives because of a stabbing? Or does it just work for guns?

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