August 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 20, 2013


---- — Annual celebration

TO THE EDITOR: The Catholic Community of Holy Name and St. Matthew’s, AuSable Forks, will hold its annual celebration of Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 2.

A major part of this celebration and an AuSable Valley tradition is the Labor Day parade with this year’s theme: “Adirondack Luau” (theme optional). Once again, the parade will line up at 9:30 a.m. on Palmer Street and begin at 10 a.m., moving down Main Street to the reviewing stand near the Holy Name Church where the parade will conclude.

We are seeking organizations, groups and individuals to march in this year’s parade. If you have a float, antique or classic automobile, or other interesting item that you would like to display in the parade, we invite you to contact Norman Hatch, who will be setting the line-up for the parade.

You will need to contact him before Aug. 20 so that he can establish the line-up list that is used to announce the participants in the parade from the reviewing stand. Last minute arrivals without reservations will be placed at the end of the parade.

Contact Norman Hatch at P.O. Box 31, AuSable Forks 12912, or call 647-5783.


AuSable Forks


Honoring nurses

TO THE EDITOR: Area nurses are implementing a new program that recognizes men and women who have dedicated their professional lives to nursing.

 At the family’s request, an Honor Guard will pay tribute to any local retired or active nurse at the time of their death. RNs and LPNs qualify.

 This is an opportunity to show appreciation to fellow nurses for the devotion and commitment they demonstrated on behalf of their patients every day. Current and retired nurses volunteer as part of the Nursing Honor Guard.

 We first heard of this new initiative from Shelley Willette, a nursing colleague who had been working on establishing this for our area. When she passed, we were able to make her dream a reality. In her honor, we are calling our local Honor Guard “Shelley’s Watch.”

 We are drafting information about this new program and distributing it to local nursing organizations and funeral homes. Some services we hope to provide are standing guard at the nurses’ casket during visitation and at the beginning and end of the funeral service. The group may also recite the “Nightingale Tribute” or the “Final Call to Duty.”

 To request the Nursing Honor Guard at a funeral or memorial service, loved ones may contact the funeral home or the individuals listed below.

 Honor Guard services will be provided based on the availability of volunteers. Nursing friends of the deceased are welcome to participate regardless of being a committee member.

 For more information or if you are interested in joining the list of Honor Guard volunteers, contact Joni-Jill Tobrocke at, 561-8050 or Wanda Flynn at, 566-7450.

 You can also visit our Facebook page: Shelley’s Watch: Nursing Honor Guard.






Fair feedback

TO THE EDITOR: The Essex County Agricultural Society would like to thank everyone who supported the 165th Essex County Fair.

It was nice to see all the visitors enjoying the fair. We could not put this fair together without your contribution, including the guests who paid at the gate, the vendors and the businesses that sponsored events.

Thank you, and we hope to see you again in 2014. Mark your calendar for the 166th Essex County Fair Aug. 6 to 10.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Please email or comment on Facebook.


Essex County Fair Board secretary


Positive direction

TO THE EDITOR: I am a candidate for Ward 1 councilor and want to earn your vote in the Democratic Primary, Sept. 10.

Plattsburgh City Democrats endorsed me because they believe I am a leader with vision and a strong work ethic.

I am a mother, grandmother and retired teacher. My only political ambition is to serve the people in Ward One and the City of Plattsburgh. As I have visited neighborhoods in the city’s South End, I’ve received a consistent and clear message: People want a leader who will listen to and act on their concerns.

Ward 1 residents are concerned about taxes. They recognize that Plattsburgh needs to grow and move forward. As a taxpayer, I can identify with the burden people feel. Responsible and sustainable development is key to generating new revenue. Planning is essential.

People are disappointed. They know the consequences of poor planning and shortsighted solutions. They know the history of lost opportunities and their costs.

A vote for me is a vote for finding creative solutions to our fiscal problems. Together, we can make Plattsburgh a great place to live, work and play.

I’ve also found that folks in Ward 1 feel out of touch with city government. I’m struck by how this feeling connects with Americans’ outlook on government in general. I will work hard to build community participation and pride by regularly holding Ward 1 forums.

As Councilor, I will take your concerns seriously and represent them. A vote for me is a vote recharging our democracy, starting with Ward 1.

City Democrats endorsed me because they know that Plattsburgh needs to move in a new and positive direction. Vote for me Sept. 10. I will work for and with you for a better future.




Tournament hopes

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to thank our sponsors for their support during our recent startup tournament for the Plattsburgh FC Soccer Club.

 We held a round-robin-style tournament with teams from Vermont — the Nordic Soccer Club and the Catamounts — along with a team from Saratoga — the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club — on June 29 at SUNY Plattsburgh Field House.

 It was our hope was to showcase our Plattsburgh area and all that it has to offer.

 The Plattsburgh FC Soccer Club travels all year throughout New England to attend tournaments at other soccer clubs. It is the hope of Plattsburgh FC to in the very near future host our own local tournament, bringing in 600 to 1,000 families for a full weekend event to be held in Plattsburgh.

 We have great facilities with quality fields, great proximity to I-87 as well as closeness to hotels, restaurants and shopping along with Lake Champlain and the great Adirondacks.

 We are hoping to give an economic boost to our local economy with all these families attending.

 We would like to give special thanks to our early sponsors: The Butcher Block, Crawford Door & Window Sales Inc., Pella Windows, Econo Lodge, Pepsi Co. Bottling Co., Plattsburgh Pediatrics, Sam’s Club, Stafford, X-PLO/E-STO and Piller, Murnane, Plimpton, Kelleher & Trombley PLLC.

 Special thanks to SUNY Plattsburgh, Andrew Wylie, Todd Channell, Jodie Bushey, Erin Chaskey, Melissa Puchalski and Randy Lozier for their added support.