April 21, 2013

Speakout: April 21, 2013


You refuse to attend board meetings or vote; therefore the school board has become out of control. You remain ignorant of the amount of your tax money lavished on staff.


What is with the drivers using a parking lot to drive through to avoid a light? For example, the drivers that go through Geoffrey’s parking lot to avoid the light at U.S. 9 and Broad Street.


Way to go, New York, take away from the disabled and special needs. They will now have less to their lives since you felt the need to cut funding. You cut staffing, which is the building blocks to their health, happiness and well being.


Child molestation was never brought out back in the day. I am a male adult who is a victim of child molestation by one of my older female siblings. She can’t hurt me anymore. I will now live my life.


And yet in today’s Press-Republican another meth bust. Wake up. North Country. It is time to take out the garbage from our community.


This is America. Whether you’re visiting or if you live here (especially) you should be required to speak English.

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