November 2, 2012

Speakout: Nov. 3, 2012


---- — Crosswalks

There are numerous crosswalks on Rugar Street, and daily I see many jay walkers. Why are the police not giving tickets to these that break the law?


People who use the pool at PARC should band together and stop paying your dues now and do not give a month notice. Stop your automatic payments now. The way the members are being treated is terrible.


I am Catholic and believe in God. As we approach elections, I am appalled when deacons take the pulpit and tell parishioners that you are not true Catholics if you don’t vote Republican. Tread lightly or lose parishioners.


We had another murderer sneak around the Port of Entry at Cannons Corners. The problem? That man walked by dozens of homes, hundreds of cars and trucks. Nobody called our Border Patrol. If you don’t know someone, call. It’s free.


Thank you to the ladies at aftercare in Keeseville. You got my daughter to enjoy school because she knew that she would be going to you at the end of the day. Thank you for all the hard work and fun activities that you do every day.