March 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor: March 12, 2013


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TO THE EDITOR: The purpose of my letter is to say thank you to Leo, Tom, Nick and Clyde Sr. for their continuing submissions to this paper.

Every time one of their irrational, hate-filled screeds appears, dozens of new Democrats are created, meaning there will continue to be a possibility for representative government in this area, state and country.

Thank you so much for helping the democratic cause.




Coming to terms

TO THE EDITOR: I, for one, I’m tired of Mayor Kasprzak bashing the city firefighters.

This practice is not healthy for the residents of Plattsburgh, let alone the firefighters and their families.

I view the mayor’s comments and actions as discriminatory, harassing and bullying.

In what may be his last term, I would like to see Mayor Kasprzak spend the remaining nine plus months coming to terms with the city firefighters.




Touching memorial

TO THE EDITOR: On Jan. 22, I attended the Fitzpartick Cancer Center Memorial Service that was held at the Newman Center.

This annual event is in memory of the patients of the Fitzpatrick Center who have passed away during the previous year.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the staff of R-5 and the Fitzpatrick Center, who planned and attended this special evening of remembrance, along with the Rev. William Reamer and the Rev. Jessica Lowry for their prayers and Jana and John Cummings for the beautiful music they provided.

It is heartwarming and an important part of the healing process to experience the living support of medical staff that continues even after our loved ones have passed.

CVPH Medical Center and the Fitzpatrick Cancer Center are tremendous resources for the residents of this region. I encourage people of the North Country to be proud of these facilities, grateful for the personnel who staff them and eager to provide support in any way they can.




Pet cat struck

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank the kind soul in the white car who intentionally hit my cat.

There were several witnesses. Does it make you feel good to show off for a carload of friends to hit an animal?

The cat somehow survived but has multiple injuries that required veterinary intervention with surgery. Bet you wouldn’t think it was so funny if someone intentionally hit your pet.

My sons witnessed the whole incident on Union Road in Peru, along with neighbors.

Your parents must be so proud.