July 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 11, 2013


---- — NYSEG wires

TO THE EDITOR: New York State Electric & Gas fails to provide clear passageway for overhead wires.

With May’s wind conditions, three big maples were twisting in the wind and cracked, with the possibility of taking the wires down, with the wires moving through the branches and the rain making sparks.

Under the transformer, there was brush, which also pushed up on the entrance wire to my home.

The NYSEG forester had me mark the maples and came to look at them. He called me on the phone and told me they were too big, old and deep rooted; he couldn’t do anything and said the wires were fine.

The company contracted to clear trees and brush from under the transformer stood there and complained that there were vines and didn’t want to cut there.

Thank God for the NYSEG linemen who came and trimmed the brush pushing up on the entrance wire and transformer. At least these men care about NYSEG’s customers.

I guess from now on when it rains and the wind blows, causing hazardous conditions, I’ll have to call the local fire department.




Contract renewed

TO THE EDITOR: As a Peru Central School taxpayer, I feel compelled to inform the Peru community of the latest action taken by the current School Board at a special meeting held on Monday, June 17.

The intention of the meeting was to do an annual review of the superintendent. This review was completed prior to the superintendent completing a full year of employment.

The board took action to extend his current 3-year contract to a 5-year contract as well as giving him a 2.5 percent pay increase.

Why did the board do this? Why would any School Board extend a contract to this extent when he hasn’t even completed a full year of employment?

I have heard nothing but negative comments from employees and students regarding the organization and the restructuring of daily operations under his direction.

This is the same school where extensive cuts to programs have occurred, as well as the elimination of 19 faculty/staff positions.

These cuts will lead to packed classrooms with limited educational opportunity in a time when the state of New York expects so much from our kids. I am concerned for the general education process at what once was a reputable North Country school.

It is time to get involved and let your voice be heard concerning the actions of the Peru Central School Board. Please attend the next board meeting.