September 28, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 27, 2012


Anybody abusing any animal should be charged with felony, and it should carry the maximum allowed by law, and then some, understanding that animals have no voice and are truly innocent victims that cannot speak for themselves.


Abolish all political parties and let the country become united. Hold elections for the best person to win by popular vote. Then this country could fix its problems. George Washington did not want political parties. He was right.


Freedom of speech is for everyone. Even the gay community. You don’t like is, move to St. Petersburg, Russia. You’ll fit right in.


I love my life. I love who I am. If you don’t like gay people, then find another neighborhood. I’m not going anywhere.


To the person with the yard full of televisions, clean yourself up. The small quaint town is looking bad enough with the junkyard across the street and the old school buses up the road.


To the person who wrote in Speakout about the young child that is having a temper tantrum at the checkout. Never mind how the child’s parents are handling the situation. You cannot slap a child or you could be arrested for child abuse.


Why is it that some folks have no problem sending a graduation, birthday or wedding invitation but have a problem sending thank-you notes to those who gave gifts? How ungrateful. Show your appreciation. Send a thank you. Believe it or not, it is expected.


Whoa ... the national news reports that today’s average gas price hit 3.72. However, the price of gas along Route 3 in Plattsburgh reads 3.99.9 today. What’s going on in the North Country?


I was on chemo. I washed dishes and then had to sleep for two hours. I washed clothes and then had to sleep for two hours. I made supper and had to sleep afterward for two hours. Because I can do a litte housework, you think I can be employed.

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