September 25, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 25, 2012


---- — Kindness

Men, treat your woman right, speak civilly to one another, respect one another’s uniqueness, and at the end of the day kiss her on her forehead. Women, treat your man with the same due diligence. That equals no extramarital affairs or cheating.


Burned houses on Champlain Street, Margaret Street and Stetson Street — these are such an eyesore. Why can’t the city do something to these buildings?


Today in the land of the free, defending the traditional meaning of marriage is considered “hate speech” and branded intolerant.


I have noticed unregistered cars parked on city streets for long periods of time. I thought all vehicles on public roadways were to be registered?


When the signs on all the bathrooms say “Do not use, no water,” what part of that don’t you understand! Thanks to you unlocking the doors, which were locked, we now have some nice messes to clean up.


So, a conservative wants Doonesbury ended because he does not like the politics? Hilarious coming from a group who like to cry and moan about liberals squelching opposing opinions.


In the ’70s, we had smog. In the ’80s, we had acid rain from Midwestern coal-burning plants. In ’90s, we had a hole in the ozone. Now we have global warming. When are the American people going to realize Al Gore’s company profits from scare tactics? 


I see this often with the elderly women coming into my store; please, use less perfume. As we age, our noses become less sensitive, so what you think is a little is actually a lot. I am medically sensitive and can have an attack from too much of that smell.


Is there not a conservative cartoonist to balance out the far-left liberal rant of Doonesbury’s Garry Trudeau?


The students of PSU will be back soon. We should want to welcome them back with open arms but it has become harder each year. I can only hope the City Police can keep on top of all those underage parties that welcome our PHS students.


The city whined and dined about a bike path on Pine Street. So they got their way. From the start of Pine to the end towards Stewart’s, the grass is not cut between the bike path and the road. Awful looking.