May 7, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: Monday, May 7, 2012

CHEERS to the City of Plattsburgh Department of Public Works for a small but appreciated gesture: Last Tuesday, department crews picked up trash through a light but steady rain. If they had emptied the garbage containers into the truck and replaced them, upright, along the curbsides, the containers would have accumulated rain inside them, to the annoyance of the owners, who would then have had to empty them of water before replacing them wherever they are kept. Instead, the workers carefully placed the containers on their sides so no rain got in. As for the containers that had lids, the tops were placed inside the containers. As we said, it was a small gesture, but obviously one that had been ordered, as it was consistently done along the routes. It may even have gone unnoticed by some residents — but obviously not all.

JEERS to what used to be Champy's Mobil station and convenience store on Boynton Avenue in Plattsburgh, just southwest of the Georgia-Pacific mill. Champy's, unfortunately, has been closed for more than a year. That's not what we're jeering the place for. Even when a business closes because of trouble with the law, we're not joyous or spiteful. But, when a business closes, don't you suppose the standup thing to do would be to take the signs announcing last year's gas prices down so as not to encourage passers-by to celebrate the prospect of a gasoline bonanza? We're told that ecstatic motorists are yanking their cars in when they spot the $2.80 a gallon posted on the big sign outside the station, thinking they've stumbled onto a historic bargain — which they would, if the station hadn't been shuttered more than a year ago. An elderly woman was seen lately trying to coax gas out of the unyielding pump and wondering why it was being so obstinate. In addition to the disappointed motorists, the station is also contributing, wittingly or not, to a litter problem in that end of the city. The trash receptacles are filled to capacity and beyond, and the beyond is blowing all over the neighborhood. Very possibly, this is not the proprietor's fault. More likely, lazy cheapskates who have noticed nobody's around are dumping their own garbage into those receptacles to save themselves the expense and exertion of disposing of it legally. Somebody with a stake in the place ought to retire the garbage cans, or at least take them inside. The closing of a business, for whatever reason, always leaves somebody downcast. But that doesn't relieve those responsible from the obligation to do what's right for the general population.

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