July 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2013

Birthright carnations

TO THE EDITOR: Champlain Valley Birthright thanks all who helped with our Father’s Day Carnation Sale.

Special thanks to Dianne Miller of Country Expressions for the lovely flowers and for her readiness to meet even last-minute orders.

Thanks to the 20 participating area churches and to the volunteers and donors who contributed to the success of the sale.

Birthright offers free and confidential help to pregnant women and their families. Birthright is staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by donation.





Offensive letter

TO THE EDITOR: Rev. O’Reilly, you start your disgustingly offensive letter by saying, “Why is the media so closed to any other view on same sex marriage? They accept nothing short of complete support and acceptance.”

Let me ask you why are you so closed to any other view? You accept nothing short of hate and prejudice (see how the tables can turn).

Surely you have never associated yourself with someone who is a homosexual. If you have, surely you didn’t blatantly belittle them, like your letter did.

I know that your religion is opposed to homosexuality, and you, as a reverend, follow by that, which is totally fine. What I have an issue with is your choice to publicly tear down an entire group of people.

Let’s be real, your time would probably be much better spent with parishioners, the community or basically doing anything other than writing hateful letters to the press. What kind of idea do people get about your parish when they read your letter? Certainly not one that is welcoming.

You also say, “It is against natural law and can never lead to happiness, no matter what spin the media puts on it.” As a heterosexual male, I know not first-hand; however, I have friends in homosexual relationships, and let me say, sir, you are very, very wrong.

Happiness comes from within, not from what other people tell you makes you happy — no matter what spin you put on it.

You are entitled to your hateful opinion. As a public figure, however, and a representative of your parish, you may want to keep your hate inside of your church doors, not post it in public for all the people to see your true colors.



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