July 5, 2013

Speakout: July 5, 2013


---- — Noise

Motorcycles? They’re OK except for the noise. Some bikes you can hardly hear, some are really bad. When is law enforcement going to police all motor vehicles that exceed the legal decibel limits?


The ones charging espionage on the NSA whistleblower shouldn’t be pointing any fingers. It’s only a matter of time until they themselves are behind bars. There wouldn’t be any whistleblowing if there wasn’t any illegal activity taking place.


Not everyone needs to be a parent. And some people who are shouldn’t be.


When parents say “kids will be kids” or “boys will be boys,” it makes them sound ignorant. Children need boundaries and discipline. It is lazy, disrespectful and harmful to not set a good example for the child.


I attended the CV-TEC graduation, and it was beautiful. So enjoyable and happy. Congrats to all. Mr. G., you are a very awesome teacher. Thanks to all.


To the person who thinks it should be illegal to not baptize children, have you forgotten separation of church and state. I guess you think the pope should be running the United States.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the TV stations would not allow commercials’ high-volume content? Makes you wonder if they are being paid extra for this; pretty sad if they are.


Wow, another rally on Cornelia Street for these underpaid nurses. I think $35 an hour is a nice compensation with an associate’s degree.


Eliminate Merle Cooper Program but continue to pay three superintendents where one could do the job. That’s the state for you.


You’ve got to be kidding — a law where everyone gets baptized as a baby? Did you study the constitution? Church and state are separate for a reason. There are many religions where people don’t get baptized, billions of people the world over.


A person who deliberately causes trouble in a family is a person that is very insecure. When you wish to be accepted in a family, I would think you would be on your best behavior instead of challenging the parents.


It’s a shame that people cry about their tips; should be grateful that you got one. There have been many times where I didn’t get one.


When did Facebook become a connection to harass people? This is meant as a social network for those who actually enjoy communicating with those they can’t visit. Stop abusing it.


To the unknown gentleman who gave my grandson $50 at the SUNY Plattsburgh graduation, thank you. It is nice to know there are still wonderful people out in this world.