December 15, 2012

Speakout: Dec. 15, 2012


I’m frustrated with the parking situation on St. Charles Street — between the teachers (who have their own lot that some of them never use) and group meetings, there are some days I have to park on another street a good distance from my home.


If you work in any kind of retail at all, it is our job to assist the customers no matter what their needs are. So I would suggest if you do not have the time to wait, don’t go at that time.


If you are going to have a new website for your school district that includes information about Board of Education meetings, then you should include the agendas for upcoming meetings along with minutes from the past meetings.



While the police were doing a accident report at the corner of George Angell and Rugar — the second accident in as many weeks — motorists were still making the illegal left turn or going straight illegally. A tragedy is forthcoming.


Vermont is the best example on how progressive liberalism does not work. Therapy, rehab and restitution leaves the criminal to believe they can do it again without consequence. Punish your criminals by locking them up.

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