December 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 5, 2012


Who pays no income tax? They are the unemployed, disabled, lower- and middle-class workers with exemptions, Social Security recipients, those on welfare and military personnel receiving combat pay. Most of these citizens do pay payroll and/or many other taxes.

The far right rushed to define most of these Americans as freeloaders who will always vote Democratic, and their plan to reduce or eliminate the legally acquired benefits of these Americans practically guaranteed votes against the party making such threats.

We don’t need to look far to determine where grossly deceptive ideas originate. Television news is almost entirely in the hands of a few corporations and wealthy individuals, and their major aim is ratings, which equates to profit. Sensationalism and controversy are what make ratings, and their job is to find it. When they can’t find it, they create it.

Along the same lines, many organizations produced polls that predicted a Romney win. Some bias in polling is unavoidable, but when there is political motivation, biased polling is made to order. The final sample size for many polls is only 1,000 people. Are you eager to agree with the opinions of that “majority” when it measures .002 percent of the population?

The era of a pro-GOP white-male majority is gone. Worshipful courting of the corporate rich is not what Congress was elected to do. Those who continue to play that game won’t find many sympathetic voters when their terms are up. Then they can collect retirement, work the loopholes they helped create and join the 47 percent they presume to despise.




Drowns recognized

TO THE EDITOR: Great article about Charles and Eva Drown in Wednesday’s Press-Republican.

Ellenburg’s best-looking man marries Ellenburg’s best-looking girl, and they become Ellenburg’s best-looking couple to this day.

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