December 2, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 2, 2012


---- — Irretrievably


TO THE EDITOR: I recently heard from a friend whose sister lives in the Netherlands.

The folks there are positively giddy over Barack Obama’s victory. I’m not surprised at all by this. Europeans have been steeped in a crumbling welfare society for decades and believe that everybody should be as dependent on government as they are. 

I fear our country has been irretrievably lost and we will never be able to turn the overwhelming tide of big-government socialism. We have come a long way from yesterday and JFK’s famous, “Ask what you can do for your country” to today’s “Ask what your country can do for you.”

What has changed over the last decades is the character of the American people. We have allowed ourselves to become a society of entitlements, dependent on government largesse and unable to think for ourselves.

We have lost our constitutional anchor and as a result have lost our virtue and will lose our freedom.



Upset by cuts

TO THE EDITOR: We, the staff of the Ambulatory Surgery Center, publicly acknowledge our beloved management team was dismissed in a vengeful manner.

In October, CVPH administration determined, beginning Nov. 14, the center would close on Wednesdays.

This decision stunned our staff and surgeons/physicians, as procedures/surgeries were scheduled past that date. The outcome of a meeting held between the physicians and John Zeilinski, AVP Surgical Services, must have offended him, because on Oct. 25, our clinical coordinators, RNs Lisa Kavanaugh and Mary Cook, were abruptly dismissed after 20-plus and 30-plus years of service. Obviously, they were not the “yes men” administration sought; they fought for their staff and patients. Of all the peri-operative managers at CVPH, they held the most experience.

Our staff must adjust to new management, who additionally manage the OR/ACU/PACU, leaving limited management on-site, putting staff/physicians at a disadvantage, perhaps leading to diminished patient satisfaction.

CVPH eliminated assistant-director RN positions. Those affected were offered other positions. All clinical coordinators kept their positions, except Lisa and Mary, who, despite their experience, “would not fit any role in the future of CVPH” as “experience and seniority does not count in management”: per administration.

These RNs devoted themselves to the center, helped design and open it 13 years ago. Every request by administration was accomplished: reduction of staff, overtime and resources/equipment; provided space to other services; staffed other departments; and stayed late, ensuring excellent patient care recognized by numerous patient satisfaction awards/achievements.

Another CVPH staffer commented recently: “It is obviously the best-run department within the whole Medical Center.” This speaks volumes about Lisa, Mary, their efforts and commitment.

We are grieving the loss of Lisa and Mary, the best clinical coordinators at CVPH — our friends and our family.


On behalf of staff at Kevin J. Carroll Ambulatory Surgery Center



TO THE EDITOR: Why am I not surprised that the Press-Republican is supporting the new early start to the Black Friday madness?

Injuries and mayhem. Who cares? Underpaid employees forced to work 24-hour shifts until they pass out. Suffer, slaves. Mom and Dad unable to see their own kids until Christmas Day. Suck it up.

In my opinion, the Press exists simply to kiss Gary Douglas’s butt, overcharge the readership for classified and commercial ad space and to “Brave New World” everyone into thinking that all the jobs created here in the North Country are terrific.

The Press-Republican must end its conflicted interest in its dealings with local business with respect to reporting news and providing opinion.

Until then, I prefer that you don’t tell us what’s good for us, how we have misbehaved or why we should work longer and harder for your paper and the local Chamber of Commerce because frankly, you don’t give a damn about working families and their problems.