November 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 23, 2012

Cancer caregivers

TO THE EDITOR: Our dad, Joseph Siskavich of Lyon Mountain, turned 73 in October. Maybe not a huge accomplishment on most accounts, but for a man who just kicked the butt of cancer, it’s pretty huge.

Our family would like to thank some incredible people who helped to make Dad’s remission possible. To Dr. Duus and the entire staff at the Fitzpatrick Cancer Center at CVPH: Thank you. To all of the wonderful people at the CVPH infusion center, including the gentleman who brings around the snacks and to the nurses who walked my dad out on his final chemo session while also blowing bubbles for him: Thank you.

To the nurses and support staff on R5 at CVPH, who are truly beacons of hope in dark, stormy seas: Thank you. To Dr. McAuliffe for getting Dad into surgery at the drop of a hat: Thank you.

To all the staff at Dr. Volk’s office who would call and check in on “Butchie”: You’ll never know how you brightened his days; thank you.

To friends, family and strangers who said a quiet prayer or sent positive thoughts our way: Thank you. Your kindnesses can never be repaid and shall never be forgotten.

Too often, we get caught up in minuscule details and stressors in life, and we forget the truly important things: health, love, happiness, laughter and most certainly family. Take a moment to hug your children, your siblings, your parents and your spouse. These are the things that truly matter, and we are so grateful for each day we have now. Each moment is truly a blessing.




Social Security

TO THE EDITOR: In early September, I wrote Congressman Owens regarding my concerns for the solvency of the Social Security trust fund. His response prompted yet another letter to him from me on Sept. 18.

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