November 22, 2012

Speakout: Nov. 22, 2012


People are always complaining about teenagers being out of control, but nobody is doing or wants to do anything about it. Someway, somehow, we should start “Beyond Scared Straight,” as the TV show on A&E, for these out-of-control teens.


If you reduce your caloric intake per your doctor’s instruction to what your body “needs,” not what you want, it is physically impossible to not lose weight. It’s not beyond control for anyone. That is just an excuse. Been there! You can do it.


I saw a trooper stop a teenager driving down Locust Street in Champlain. Although the boy did not look happy, that trooper was doing his job. Teens as well as local adults must understand those ATVs are not legal to use on our roads.


Smoke if you want, but don’t do it around people who don’t want to smoke. Don’t get in my car or my home all smoky. I try to keep a healthy environment for my family. I have that right! At work, you should smell fresh, not like smoke.


I’m one of those drivers who drives at the speed limit — my legal right. Even if I drive 5 to 10 mph over the limit, people too spineless to pass will often ride a car length or less behind me. We need more crackdowns on blatantly inconsiderate, aggressive drivers.


Thank you to the couple who paid for our meal at Big Daddy’s. What a wonderful surprise when we went to pay for our meal. The waitress said it was already paid for by the couple who had left. That was wonderful.


I received a call from Zachery’s Pizza; they had pulled my name for a free pizza. That was terrific! That really made my day. Thank you very much.

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