November 19, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 19, 2012


We won against losers.

We didn’t win. They lost. A great number of “pro-Obama” votes were votes against the horrors of the Radical Right.

But “against” is not enough.

Unless we now can put together a true common philosophy and battle plan that will bring the people together in a positive movement, and unless we have true, effective leadership, we will be in another such war in the near future, and we can lose.

The true division remains.

Abraham Lincoln’s vision of government of, by and for the people is perpetually under attack. Don’t lay down you arms.

Don’t settle for an Obama who can win an election; demand he be a true leader in this second term.

If we settle for less, we will have won just a momentary victory.

Tell that to the president.



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