June 7, 2014

Speakout: June 7, 2014


Thank God to our hard-working farmers, but please clean-up your beautiful farmland and dispose properly the plastic hay wrap. We see it piled on stonewalls and scattered everywhere. Why not build a hay barn? The wrap is expensive. A barn would pay for itself in a few years.


Could parents of Redford teenagers please read the laws of the power lines. See This is private property that NYSEG has a right-of-way to. If it is posted, then you are trespassing. Thank you.


I’m hoping that some of the young men at PHS will consider joining the football team in the fall. What a great way to experience teamwork, commitment and dedication for a youngster. If you’re on the fence, give it a try. Be part of something special.


That time of year again when some pet owners let their dogs run around off their leashes. Folks, there is a leash law in the City of Plattsburgh. Obey it. Dogs need to be leashed when you take them for walks or even when they are outdoors, unsupervised.


It’s obscene for the federal government to charge 7 percent interest for student loans. Especially when the prime rate is about 2 percent and a 30-year mortgage is 4.4 percent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren should run for president.


The use of artificial mulch around the grounds at SUNY Plattsburgh is grossly unnecessary. It looks hideous. And a waste of materials.


You know your state government is broken when debates on yogurt gets more attention than gun control.


Save everyone a headache, or a call to the City Police, and leash your dog. Too many dogs are running around loose in residential areas in Plattsburgh, and it has become a major problem for other dog walkers. Unleashed dogs cause dog fights and unpleasant walks for pet owners.

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