May 30, 2014

Speakout: May 30, 2014.


Were the high C02 concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere 60,000 years ago due to factories and automobiles too?



I wonder how many people could of been saved from hunger, globally, if we would of bought food instead of going to war. 



I challenge the candidates to be like Reagan and fight for the working man. That would mean equalizing the earned income (lower) and capital gains (increase) tax rate. This set up the economic recovery of the 1990s. Lowest capital gains taxes preceded both the Great Depression and the last collapse.



Thank God to our hard-working farmers, but please clean-up your beautiful farmland and dispose properly the plastic hay wrap. We see it piled on stonewalls and scattered everywhere. Why not build a hay barn? The wrap is expensive. A barn would pay for itself in a few years.


In the typical North Country non-leadership model, the CCPT’s answer to losing $33,000 after getting millions in grants to operate the bus system is to cut service to people who need the bus. Face it, Clinton County, nobody cares.


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