May 27, 2014

Speakout: May 27, 2014


Cars passing in right lane on Route 374. These are exit lanes. Going to cause bad accident. Speed limit on Route 3 in West Plattsburgh should be 35 mph. Two busy eateries, narrow shoulders and very populated. Route 3 in Cadyville, 35 mph and wider shoulders and sidewalks. DOT listening?


One of the biggest traffic concerns I’ve seen in the city is that of the elderly drivers on Monty Street. Obviously, there are times of high congestion on that road; it is the location of Momot Elementary. In the three years my daughter has gone there, I cannot recount the times I have been road-raged against, almost hit and flipped off by elderly in that area, including one woman pulling out of Mass at OLV on a red light. I am shocked there are not more incidences of students being hit and highly doubt some of these drivers could even stop in time if a child ran out. 


It’s not up to someone else every day to take you to your job. Get your own vehicle and be an adult. Your parents should be helping you. They have vehicles but just want to use gullible people.


To people who think they are entitled to another person’s discount at their job when they go there. The discount is for immediate family only, not Tom, Dick and Harry.


Those people that are complaining about the noise that the F-35 jets make will complain a heck of a lot louder if there were Russian Migs flying overhead. We need to stay prepared.


I cannot believe anyone would sell Duck Dynasty items after the racist and insensitive comments made by them.


For 30 years, I have made it a commitment to mail my bills out the same day to ensure they are received in time. Every week, I get a call from a CC co’s, NYSEG etc. saying my payment is overdue. Mail takes forever, costing us money.

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