May 26, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: May 26, 2014

CHEERS to Keeseville residents who continue to put their hearts into the village even though it will dissolve at year’s end.

Activities planned for Saturday, May 31, provide an example of the dedication many people still feel to the community, despite the vote to dissolve the village government into the neighboring townships. Quincy Wright of Wright Renovations, with cooperation from Mayor Dale Holderman, has organized a cleanup effort in downtown Keeseville, and a hearty number of volunteers plan to participate. 

Wright is donating his time, and many workers from Wright Renovations and other citizens will join in to pick up trash and pressure-wash downtown buildings and sidewalks. Flower boxes ware being built, as well. Supplies are being donated by Adirondack Hardware, Haley Lumber and Dave Warner’s wood-grain sawmill, according to Kathy Rock, who told us about the effort.

“It will be a really community effort to show support for our downtown,” she said ahead of the event. “Keeseville is portrayed sometimes in a bad light when actually it is a wonderful community of fine people.”

The elected officials, residents and business owners who continue to work for the good of the village are proving that.


JEERS to people who don’t RSVP to invitations.

It’s a simple enough idea: Someone invites people to something and asks them to say whether they will attend.

The person sending the invitation almost always give a phone number and/or email. All the invitees need to do is make a one-minute phone call or send off an email response. “Yes, I will be there.” Or “no, I can’t make it.”

So why is it that so many people fail to respond to RSVPs, leaving the party planner guessing?

And that can be costly. Say, you are planning a birthday party for someone and invite 20 people. You hear from eight who say they are coming. Do you buy just enough food, beverages and party supplies for eight people? Most people, to be safe, still spend the money to have enough for 20, in case everyone who was invited shows up.

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