May 23, 2014

Speakout: May 23, 2014


I am all about shopping locally and doing business with small-business owners. That being said, those local small-business owners need to ask themselves some questions. Like, are they also buying locally or even within the U.S.? Why mark their products up so high?


I’m a single mom with two children; one is handicapped. I work every day. I’m suppose to get $1,000 for my income tax back. They took all of it to repay a student loan. Why couldn’t they of just taken half? I know people who barely work and got far more back.


To the person who stole my table from my front porch at 80 Court Street, Plattsburgh. It has sentimental value since it was from my sister, who has since passed away. My husband and I found peace sitting near it in the morning. Please search your soul and return it to us.


In your photo of the marathon runners during the national anthem, many ignored showing proper respect for our flag: checking watch, wearing hats, talking. Maybe they should learn how to properly conduct themselves during our national anthem.


It was wonderful to see the picture of the half-marathon participants putting their hands over their hearts for the national anthem. Well done...well done.


How can the public push back on oil companies? Alternative energy options are too expensive. I spent $3,833 in home fuel oil for my home and $3,312 on gas and oil for my vehicle in the last 12 months, and I work in the same county I live in.


The problem with today’s society is that everything has to be even and fair. Let your child grow up. You can’t baby them forever. No school loan? No car payment? Let them learn what life is about. No promotion? Don’t call HR.

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