May 17, 2014

Speakout: May 17, 2014.


Liberals, Progressives, or whatever they call themselves today, preach tolerance and understanding until someone has an opinion that differs from theirs. Then the tolerance comes to an abrupt end. Shame on the people of Plattsburgh who loaded the Comon Council up with liberals. Trying to stop an innocent prayer vigil. Shameful.


Is there really a need to have two lights for one shopping plaza? Lowe’s and Price Chopper. Getting rid of the light at the west-side entrance would help alleviate the congestion. The west-side entrance could be used for entrance only. People could exit at the east-side entrance.


So the taxpayers paid for a study about college students and vehicles on Rugar Street. I have a suggestion: Listen to your mother and look both ways before crossing the street. You might have the right-of-way but, it will still hurt when that truck hits you.


I have arthritis and have a hard time walking on the sidewalks in Plattsburgh. The sidewalks are all cracked and uneven. Forget about turning Margaret Street into the next Church Street and fix what we have.


Just because you honk your horn does not mean the animal in the road can hear. It could be deaf or blind. Please consider this when you see an innocent animal in the road and slow down, respect as you would like the same done for you.


How ironic and hypocritical: The city council is cracking down on run-down properties. The former Clare and Carl’s building on the famed city waterfront has been an eyesore in disrepair since spring 2011. How about getting your house in order?


Too bad businesses in Plattsburgh won’t be benefiting from a completed waterfront for the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Plattsburgh. A good plan was in place with representation of several Chamber of Commerce small businesses. All businesses in the city will suffer from the missed opportunity.


While on the subject of taxis, why do they have selected parking spots in prime areas? It is not like there is a train station letting out hundreds of passengers. If I can’t park in their spots, they shouldn’t park in public spots.

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