May 16, 2014

Speakout: May 16, 2014


Wearing “I’m with stupid” t-shirts to a nice restaurant? Keeping your baseball cap on? How old are you? Please act like the adult you should be or stay at home. And people wonder why people view the North Country as a backwater. Post this on your door, restaurant owners.


When will they change the fashion trend from the current “pantyhose” styles of slacks for women to comfortable attractive designs? The current clothing for women and men is skimpy and only saves money for the manufacturers.


I left my wallet in a shopping cart outside at Target. It was turned in to their customer service. I want to thank the person who was honest and turned it in. It is nice to know there are still honest people in the world. Thank you so much.


Sitting at a red light, look to one side — a woman who looks like she’s 100, look to the back and see a teenager in car. Who should I be more afraid of: driving-texting teen, or grandma who cannot see over steering wheel?


I think some of these drive-through places need a class on customer service. You pull up to speaker, and they say “What can I get you?” in a rough tone of voice. Customer service goes along way.


Parents who let their kids use people for rides to work, when they could be bringing them, themselves, should be sent a bill for the time and gas. You’d better start driving your kid to work yourself.

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