May 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor: May 15, 2015


Genie is a mother of three, two of whom are currently students in the Peru School District. Her passion, commitment and dedication complement this position.

She is a team player who would make sound decisions benefiting students, parents and district personnel.

She has been a board member for seven months and should be given the opportunity to continue to serve and make a difference. Genie always welcomes comments and concerns that she will address with her fellow board members.

Genie is the first person listed on the ballot. Please vote for her at the Peru Junior/Senior High School gymnasium noon to 9 p.m. May 20.

Please come vote for the three propositions. They will make for a safer healthier learning environment for your children and grandchildren.




Reject the budget

TO THE EDITOR: Plattsburgh City School District will put forth a $39.6 million budget for the voters’ consideration and is proud of the fact that it’s $106,000 less than last year’s budget.

Admirable? Not really. I could give kudos if it was $106,000 less than actual costs.

Last year, Fred Wachmeister, with much bravado, motioned and it was passed to take $1.9 million out of reserves to balance the budget, knowing it would not happen because it wasn’t necessary.

If one looks at the last three years, the cost of running the district averaged $36.3 million. Assuming 4 percent of that amount for addition to reserves, approximately $1.5 million, why a $39.6 million budget?

There are 51 items in the budget that are excessive in comparison to actual costs for 2013-14 and years before.

When we spend less than budgeted, ask yourself that age-old question: “Where’s the money?”

A budget should be based on fact-based historical figures, taking into consideration economic conditions and planned changes, not “guesstimates.”

I voted against the budget and strongly recommend it be rejected. It may not change the amount of the budget because it’s less than last year’s (not by much), but it will send the board and administration a message.

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