May 13, 2014

Letters to the Editor: May 13, 2014

Cares deeply for all

TO THE EDITOR: Others will undoubtedly address Bonnie Berry’s excellent professional qualifications for becoming a Peru Central School Board member.

I, however, would like to address her personal, empathetic qualities. Bonnie is an outstanding human being, who cares deeply for all people, whether they be students struggling to learn, parents struggling to make ends meet or educators struggling with the new educational standards.

Bonnie has a cheerful, positive attitude; knows firsthand what goes into developing a school budget and how important all aspects of the educational system are to the whole.

I hope you will consider all the pluses Bonnie Berry would bring to the Peru School Board. Bonnie is, by far, the best candidate for the job.




Frightening mindset

TO THE EDITOR: I fear for our children.

The mindset of “Dysfunctional Liberals” author of May 5, is frightening. Thank goodness for liberals and those concerned for the future of this planet.

You claim global climate change is a hoax perpetrated on non-liberals by liberals with an agenda. Wrong! “Non-liberals” have examined the scientific evidence of rapid global warming and have accepted the data as true and relevant.

Ice sheets the size of Rhode Island breaking away from arctic ice is not “magical thinking” by liberals. 

Air pollution is a fact, affecting millions of people. Life expectancies have increased in spite of our polluted environment due to medical advances, care and education, not a “lack of pollution.” 

It amazes me that one would confuse a political belief with scientific factual evidence. The difference between past climate change and now is that climate change of today is precipitated and enhanced by manmade greenhouse gases — dangerous change of our own making.

We can slow and reverse climate change if we become responsible stewards of this Earth and take steps necessary to do so. Denial is not one of those steps.

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