May 12, 2014

Letters to the Editor: May 12, 2014

PHS reunion

TO THE EDITOR: Plattsburgh High School Class of 1984 graduates, we are looking for you.

We are organizing our 30-year class reunion, which will take place this summer.

If you are a sibling, cousin, parent or even a close friend of a 1984 graduate, please forward this request.

Contact Carla Brancato at (954) 559-2840 or email at

The first set of invitations have been mailed. We want to reach as many classmates as possible. We need an updated/current list, so please provide your information, even if you feel you’re unable to attend.

The following are among the missing classmates: Bradley C. Alexander, David E. Angus, Joseph H. Aubin, Christopher P. Baker, John W. Bissell, Mark Brinn, Lisa (Brohinsky) Miller, Monique Brothers, Mary Gail Buck, Michael Burdeau, Colleen Cassidy, Gregg Celeste, Catherine Chappell, Jay Clark, Angela (Coopy) Waterhouse, Ronnie Crane, Matthew DeLellis, Glenn Douglas, Penny Dumas, Maron Dupee, John Figart, John Fortin, Timothy Frederick, Elizabeth Hailey, Jodi Hanbury, Jasper Hardy, Daniel Herlihy, Timothy Hogan, Stacey Jacobson, John Johnson, Darlene Kenny, Mark Kitts, Tammie (Kramer) Vaughn, Judith LaBerge, David LaForest, Lisa LaMountain, Ginny Laundry, Regina Lehman, Daniel Lennon, James Li, John Lushia, Emilie McDonald, Matthew McGivney, Hayley Mesec, Mary (Middelaer) Lewis, Elizabeth Obert, Colleen O’Hearn, James Poissant, Patricia Reams, Del Senecal, Shawn Shaffer, Linda Short, Kim Smith, Jeremy Solarski, Malcolm Summers, Yolanda (Ting) Singer, Rose Tourangeau, Kim Varin, Troy Watson and David Woodward.

Hope to hear from you very soon.




Working for reform

TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers have a chance, but only if they outvote the teachers union. 

The City School Board is revealed, and it’s ugly. The board is so union-slanted they can’t find the center line, and the union and board are viewed as dead-end opponents of any accountability or reform focusing on salaries, perks and benefits, rather than our students.

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