May 6, 2014

Letters to the Editor: May 6, 2014

Vietnam veterans

TO THE EDITOR: On April 30, 1975, 39 years ago, the ground war ended in Vietnam — for those who may have taken their freedoms for granted, that is.

However, for those who may have lost someone, they will never take that date for granted.

My two older brothers and four nephews served in that war. My brother, Bud Spring, survived his 33rd year as well as his third war, evacuating Saigon and Tan Son Nhut base.

Both brothers and two nephews have passed on.

As I also served during a conflict 10 years previous, from 1950 to 1954, I shall never forget the sacrifices made by those men and women, some of whom were never repatriated since.

We should never forget those men and women who were in harm’s way in those wars as well as those in the present deployments. Treasure your freedoms.

May God bless America.


Crown Point


Compassionate care

TO THE EDITOR: We want to share a public love letter and enormous thank you to everyone at North Country Kids for all they have done for our daughter and the rest of the students there.

Over the past two years at North Country Kids, our daughter has blossomed into a compassionate, curious, creative kid, and it’s due largely to the incredible education she has received.

We know when we look back on the greatest gifts we have given our daughter, sending her to North Country Kids will top the list. In the past two years, she has blossomed under the care, wisdom and love of her teachers Nichole Julian, Lisa Cech, Jennifer Blake and Jennifer de Jongh-Leclerc. They have always approached every situation looking at our daughter’s assets and building upon those to help her work on some of her challenges.

She knows about the importance of community, she knows that kindness should be valued above all else, she knows how to talk about her feelings, and she is confident in her many abilities.

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