May 1, 2014

Letters to the Editor: May 1, 2014

Education plan

TO THE EDITOR: “The Confabulation of the Common Core” is the title of a recent blog that caught my attention.

It stated: “We have to concede that as a society we are relatively short-sighted, overreliant/dependent on sound bites to formulate opinions and focused way too much on receiving immediate gratification.”

I would add: We have also become overly-dependent on so-called experts/authorities. We are shocked to find they may not have our best interests in mind.

To suggest this situation might be a direct result of schooling would stir the wrath of many administrators in the educational community.

Apparently, we have never fully shed the yoke of the British monarchy; making decisions at the top is a tradition at all levels in our public-school systems, despite our professed democratic traditions.

Emotional responses to the current version of standardization that descended from above have prompted parents and a few educators to engage in a new revolution.

However, support for conventional education is strong, making it nearly impossible to affect an in-depth dialogue about the future, let alone create a design for a sustainable learner-effective change.

Re-establishing local control in education will not be accomplished by exchanges of compassionate “sound bites” — substantial analysis and validated assumptions are required.

Now that our public-school system is beset with energy-consuming external pressures, this may provide an opportunity to rally support to create cost-effective structures and practices in education that will promote individual learning.

The current system might well be ready for reforms from within, especially with parental support. We need to get a comprehensive plan in place, now, to counter the misdirected Common Core and the misuse of standardized tests. 

Contact Robert L. Arnold at if you want to help.



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