April 23, 2014

Letters to the Editor: April 23, 2014

Equality for women

TO THE EDITOR: New York women need equal laws.

After many years, the Senate has the opportunity to correct these errors. The Assembly voted in favor of legislative changes, called the Women’s Equality Agenda, twice. 

Securing equal pay: It is important to close the loopholes in New York that allow employers to pay women less than men for equal work.

Expanding access to justice: Currently a woman who cannot afford an attorney cannot file an employment discrimination suit. The WEA would allow someone to have their lawyer’s fees paid when their lawsuit is successful.

Ending discrimination against parents and pregnancy: Employers are not required to provide reasonable accommodations and are discriminating against parents in hiring. The WEA would make it possible for parents to have a paycheck.

Safeguarding reproductive health: New York abortion laws would be the same as federal laws and practice. There is faith-based protection for medical providers.

Preventing sexual harassment: Currently employers with fewer than four employees are not required to follow sexual harassment laws.

Supporting victims of domestic violence crimes: Increasing accessibility to the courts through available technology is important for victims and witness safety.

Housing accessibility: Providing against discrimination against victims of crimes and low-income tenants would be addressed with WEA.

Anti-slavery: WEA puts safeguards into law that protect the rights of survivors of sex trafficking and prosecutes traffickers and buyers who fuel the industry.

If the WEA is not passed by the State Senate, 10 million women will be continued to be treated as second class.

To be informed about the details of the proposed legislation, go to www.nywomen’ A petition is available for citizens to express their beliefs.


And the League of Women Voters of the North Country Steering Committee


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